June 7 -
July 21, 2013

Sept 28, 2013

April 10 -
June 15, 2014

Feb 6 -
May 24, 2015

The Curators

Video art by 19 Iranian women from 7 countries

Co-curated by Alysse Stepanian and Neda Darzi
Exhibition Text and Organized by Alysse Stepanian


Alysse Stepanian
(USA - Founder, Curator & Producer of Manipulated Image)

Transmedia artist, curator, and "animal" rights advocate Alysse Stepanian was born in Iran and currently lives in Los Angeles. Her videos, installations, paintings, photographs, web art, performances and curations have been presented in over 300 shows in 45 countries. She is the creator and curator of Manipulated Image videoart screenings and multimedia events, and URBAN RANCH PROJECT on Facebook. URP is a 2013 recipient of a Culture & Animals Foundation Multi-media Research Grant. It features work in all media, bringing awareness to the interconnectedness of racism, sexism, ageism, speciesism, and other social and hierarchical prejudices; using the power of social media, URP inspires change. Recent publications of her writings and interviews include the Journal for Critical Animal Studies and STIGMART10, VIDEOFOCUS 2013.

Stepanian has created installations with Philip Mantione under the the name BOX 1035. These works are multi-sensorial, with social, political, psychological and philosophical references. From 2005 to 2007 BOX 1035 created installations in Berlin, Beijing, and New York. Beijing’s City Weekend magazine listed "Don’t be afraid, be ready" (2006) as number one of the top 5 exhibits.

above left: still from video by Alysse Stepanian: "What is My Name, Sister?"
above right: Alysse Stepanian

Manipulated Image is currently based in Los Angeles, an artist-driven project featuring innovative video art and multimedia events by international artists, with guest artist discussions and presentations. Past screenings have presented diverse work within contexts that have allowed fresh discoveries about the possibilities of video art as a creative medium. MI has co-curated screenings with international partners. In its first 19 programs, it presented work by 157 artists from 41 countries and its curations have been presented in over 13 countries. Stepanian sees MI as a global endeavor, not restricted to one location or presentation format, and she looks forward to future local and international curatorial collaborations and online and offline exhibition venues. Read more...



Neda Darzi
(Iran - Founder of Persbook Art)

Ms. Darzi is a multimedia artist and the Founder of Persbook Art. She currently lives and works in Iran. By combining some of her original Tapestry, ceramics, and photographs, she has created conceptual video installations, which reflect Iranian culture as well as her own identity. Darzi states, “My interest in video installation is the creation of a simulated experience. The archiving of information and imagery is much like memories I have collected from my past and childhood. Despite the tactility of my tapestry sculptures, the projected moving image requires only the act of watching from the viewer. Unlike sculptures that are within the physical space of the viewer, directly interacting with them, video installations are imitations of reality. I am interested in combining these two media, in order to engage the viewer both physically and virtually.” Darzi has held 8 solo exhibitions and taken part in more than 47 group shows in Iran, France, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Romania, Finland and Greece. Most recent screenings of Darzi ’s videos include: CologneOFF 2011: (Video Art in Global Context Nomadic Festival Project) at Arad Art Museum in Romania, and Athens video art festival.

above left: video still from "The sky border is my homeland" by Neda Darzi
above right: Neda Darzi

Persbook Art was founded by Neda Darzi, an accomplished artist, in 2010. “My goal is to reflect the love that is in everyone’s essence: it is within our reach.” Says Neda. “I strive mightily to communicate the same concept in my own artworks and to indicate the contradiction between my inner world and the restraint of the outer world. Using art as our common ground, I wish for human beings to live in a loving and more peaceful world. Everyone around the globe, regardless of race, religion, color and gender is welcome to join Persbook Art and participate in our annual contest. Persbook Art is created for all artists, giving them the chance to express themselves.” Read more...