June 7 -
July 21, 2013

Sept 28, 2013

April 10 -
June 15, 2014

Feb 6 -
May 24, 2015


Video art by 19 Iranian women from 7 countries

Co-curated by Alysse Stepanian and Neda Darzi
Exhibition Text and Organized by Alysse Stepanian

This curation began in December of 2009 with an invitation extended by Alysse Stepanian (founder of Manipulated Image) to Neda Darzi (founder of Persbook Art).

Four of the participating artists were chosen from Persbook Art's past winners: Mozhgan Erfani (France), Tara Goudarzi (Iran), Azadeh Nilchiani (France), Raheleh (Minoosh) Zomorodinia (USA).

Special thanks to the following individuals for their valuable support and advice:

Video Artist Festival
(VIDEOARTIST.ir) based in Iran: Fereshteh Alamshah (Main Director and Founder), and Samira Hashemi (International Advisor).

The following artists were also VIDEOARTIST.ir's 2012 winners: Tara Goudarzi (Iran), Raheleh (Minoosh) Zomorodinia (USA).

Amirali Ghasemi of Parkingallery in Tehran, Iran.

Our deepest gratitude to Ex Teresa Arte Actual & Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes (INBA), Mexico City for the first exhibition of this curation (June 7 - July 21, 2013), and for their generous support of the special presentations. Many thanks to Omar Inti Ayora Arce for the beautiful design of the exhibition catalogue and poster. Special thanks to Maribel Escobar Varillas, curator of the "Sala Melquiades Herrera" space for working closely with us, to the Ex Teresa Arte Actual Director, Juan Carlos Jaurena Ross, and to everyone who has worked behind the scenes (from installating the exhibition to making travel arrangements...) in order to make this exhibition possible. Our gratitude to Maribel and Nelly Fortes González for translating the catalogue text into Spanish, and to Maribel Escobar Varillas for translating Stepanian's presentations into Spanish for the audience.

Thanks to José Vieira of Fonlad Festival for Digital Arts for organizing a one night exhibition of this curation (Sept 28, 2013) at the Espaço Artes Multimédia e Performance in Coimbra, Portugal.

Special thanks to Angela Cesarec for working closely with us for the exhibition of this curation at Malmö konsthall, Sweden (April 10 - June 15, 2014). Thanks to the generous support of Malmö konsthall, and to its awesome team, including Anna Holmbom, Magnus Ólafsson, Stefan Tallberg, Mats Fastrup.

We would like to thank the Pori Art Museum for the generous support and realization of this project. We are grateful to the museum’s Exhibition Curator Pia Hovi-Assad, who has understood, supported and complemented this project. Thanks to Pia for her foreword, to Petteri Limnell and Pamela Karimi for their contributions to the exhibition catalogue, and to Rasool Kamali for the catalogue cover and invitation designs. Thanks to those who have made this exhibition possible, including the museum Director Esko Nummelin, Exhibition Technicians Henri Smura and Kati Kunnas-Holmström, Audio/Video technicians Erkki Valli-Jaakola and Jarkko Montonen (Porin Videotuki), Museum Educators Mirja Ramstedt-Salonen and Anni Venäläinen.