June 7 -
July 21, 2013

Sept 28, 2013

April 10 -
June 15, 2014

Feb 6 -
May 24, 2015

Images from Alysse Stepanian's visit & presentations @
Museo Ex-Teresa Arte Actual
Mexico City

July 16- 20, 2013

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Banner showing the Root Canal Screening and "Nietzsche Was A Man".

Sala Melquiades Herrera space.

Sala Melquiades Herrera space.

With Maribel Escobar Varillas, Curator of Sala Melquiades Herrera space.

Interview with Lulú V. Barrera of Luchadoras.

Central courtyard.

Maribel Escobar Varillas preparing for the July 17, 2013 screening of "Root Canal" by Samira Eskandarfar.


Before the arrival of the audience for "Root Canal" screening.


On the way to Ex-Teresa...

The neighborhood...