MI's creator, curator, and organizer:

Alysse Stepanian (USA)

Stepanian's videos, installations, paintings, photographs, web art and performances have been presented in over 30 countries. In March 2012 she launched URBAN RANCH PROJECT on Facebook, featuring work in all media, with the intent of bringing awareness to the interconnectedness of racism, sexism, ageism, speciesism, and all other social and hierarchical prejudices; using the power of social media, URP strives to inspire change. In October of 2012 Stepanian will be presenting her video curation, "Don't Eat the Yellow Snow," at art:screen fest in Örebro, Sweden. Stepanian is also the founding co-director of M.A.N.Y. (Musicians & Artists in New York). In 1998-99 she co-curated and presented multimedia work by international artists in 5 festivals in New York City.

Screenings of her videos include: The Museum of Actual Art, Mexico City; Contemporary Museum in Baltimore, Maryland; Arad Art Museum in Romania; Anthology Film Archives in New York City; Vasteras Konstmuseum in Sweden; 4th Gaza International Festival For Video Art; Teatro Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Arte Cubano in Havana; and Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin. Her webart was presented on HZ Online Journal.

Stepanian has created installations with Philip Mantione under the the name BOX 1035. These works are multi-sensorial, with social, political, psychological and philosophical references. L.P. Streitfeld has described their work as "a wry and profound commentary on the conflicted state of America's emotions." Between 2005 to 2007 BOX 1035 created installations in Berlin, Beijing, and New York. Beijing’s City Weekend magazine listed "Don’t be afraid, be ready" (2006) as number one of the top 5 exhibits.

Above: still from video by Alysse Stepanian: "What is My Name, Sister?"



Wilfried Agricola de Cologne (Germany)

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For the March 12, 2010, first year anniversary event of Manipulated Image, Stepanian invited Agricola de Cologne to co-curate the video portion of the event, under the title "For Action's Sake."

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Above: still from video by Agricola de Cologne


Kika Nicolela (Brazil)

For May 2010, Stepanian invited Kika Nicolela to co-curate a show, to include videos by Braziian artists, under the title "Absence||Presence""Ausência || Presença".

Kika Nicolela is a Brazilian artist and experimental filmmaker. Her works include single-channel videos, installations, performances, experimental documentaries and photography. Graduated in Film and Video from the University of Sao Paulo, Kika Nicolela also completed film courses at UCLA. Her works have been screened and awarded in festivals of more than 30 countries, such as: Kunst Film Biennale, ACA Media Arts Festival, Videoformes New Media & Video Art Festival, International Electronic Art Festival Videobrasil and Exis Experimental Film & Video Festival. She was the recipient of several grants and has participated in about 60 solo and collective exhibitions in Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, UK and the US. Since 2008 Kika Nicolela has been curating and coordinating the Exquisite Corpse Video Project, a collaborative series of videos that involves more than 60 artists from 25 countries. In 2010, she was selected to the artist-in-residence programs in Rondo Studio (Austria), Künstlerdorf Schöppingen Foundation (Germany), and Gyeonggi Creation Center (South Korea). Kika Nicolela is represented by Vtape, a video art distribution company based in Toronto, and Dconcept, an art gallery based in São Paulo.

Above: still from video by Kika Nicolela