Manipulated Image #7: Work from Four Continents, and Virtual Second Life...

Friday, August 28, 2009
8:30 - 10:30pm
@ the Santa Fe Complex

Curated by Alysse Stepanian

Featuring mobile phone video and indie-animations by Russian collective, Selfburning, videos and interactive Flash web art by Kelly Monico, experimental video by local Andrew Edwards, Moroccan Mohamed Ezoubeiri's visual slices of life, Fabio Scacchioli's philosophical experiments based on the function of language and relationship of object and image, and a virtual tour of Second Life.

- Bug – 02:40 minutes
- Modem – 00:43 minutes
- Lumen – 02:15 minutes
- Flash – 05:34 minutes
- Tank – 1:00 minute
- Phantoms of the white continent – 04:16

Two artists from Russia create indie-animation and experimental motion...

Selfburning is a union of the two artists - Nikolay Luchkiv and Alexsander Shpakov. Nikolay was born in Karagand, USSR, in 1979. When he was nine, his family moved to Rostov-on-Don. Aleksander was born in Semikarakorsk in 1978. The two met in 1998, at the Rostov-on-Don Architectural Academy. In 2004 they both moved to Moscow and formed their art union, Selfburning. Their first work was the "BUG," in collaboration with musician Atarix. Currently they are researching their own unique language, and their focus is experemental motion and indie-animation. Their experimental film about modem-man was shot entirely on a mobile phone.

Mohamed Ezoubeiri (born in Marrakech City, Morocco - lives in Chicago)

Ezoubeiri quotes Shah Rukh Khan: " There is no right or wrong way to do a scene- the method is what works for you."

Ezoubeiri was born in Morocco, in Marrakech city in 1978. He currently studies Fine Arts ( Cinema) at Truman College of Chicago, and is known primarily for his video work. His shorts have been screened at International Festivals in Casablanca, Rome, Dubai, Amiens, Gijon, Barcelona, and in venues such as Sala 1 in Rome, Chicago Filmmakers, Optica Madrid & Gijon, and les Instants Vidéo in Marseille. "I grew up watching movies avidly. I remember when I wept my onions tears when my heros died in movies. I enjoyed part of my life being a simple fan. When money and time permit, I bring my ideas to the screen and share them with the world. I can't help the little bird in my ear still syaing" YOU MUST WORK HARD TO FULFILL YOUR GOALS". Recently, Ezoubeiri won The Second Place Award in The City-Wide Film School Showcase in Chicago for his short film Popcorn. His work is also selected in the official selection at The MergingArts short short story film festival.

- Under the table – 4:54 minutes
- POP CORN – 1:35 minutes
- Dinesh’s Hallucination – 1:46 minutes
- The Daily Show – 1:00 minutes
- Painting With Camera – 2009, 1:46


- dead SEEquences  (4:10   2009)
- Incoherencia del Color Segundo de Chomon (5:13)
- Dimenticati   (2007, 4:10)
- PostAtomicNaplesDream 4   (3:24)

Fabio Scacchioli (born in Teramo, Italy - lives in Rome)

Thirty year old Fabio writes, "In 1999 I attended Università degli Studi di Perugia, to study Communication Science and Audiovisual Language. In 2003 I moved to Madrid, to study Direction and Audiovisual Production at Universidad Complutense. In In 2004 I finished my university studies with a thesis about the language of experimental cinema. Since 2006 I have been living and working in Rome."

Fabio has shown in several shows in Rome, including a solo exhibition of interactive video installation at the Edieuropa Gallery, and another solo exhibition of video installation at the La Porta Blu Gallery, both in 2009. His videos and interactive installations have also been presented in film festivals and gallery exhibitions in Milan, Naples, and Tallinn (Estonia).

“dead SEEquences” is a video composed of 3770 frames. "Working frame by frame, we find that nothing happens inside each single image, but all pass between the frames, in the invisible gap that separates frames. The film is here, but there isn’t anything to see, the most important remain invisible and uncertain. There is no truth to discover. The truth is always elsewhere. This is a study about the vanishing of an image. It’s the image of a naked body, the most tangible and real thing for a human being. Not a body, but the image of a body. In this gap operates the principle of disappearance: between the object and it's image there is a distance, a limit, a separation; this is the functioning of language, the only way we know to relate with the world and the others.... To communicate, the world and the human being have to disappear. For this, art has to become “uncommunicative” and “uncommunicable”.

Kelly Monico (Metropolitan State College of Denver, Colorado)

Kelly Monico is an Assistant Professor of Art in the Communication Design program at the Metropolitan State College of Denver. She is an interdisciplinary artist and designer who received her BFA from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis and her MFA from the Electronic Media Arts and Design program at the University of Denver. Her work exists in a wide variety of media including film, video, interactive design and installation. She has shown nationally and internationally at film, performance and interactive media festivals and exhibitions. Recent exhibitions and residencies include The Banff Centre, Banff Canada, Video Medeja Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia, and Elsewhere Artist Collaborative, Greensboro, N.C. Currently Kelly is producing an interactive project that draws on the cultural significances of indigenous dances in the annual celebration of the Guelaguetza in Oaxaca, Mexico.

"I design interactive animations, video works, and multimedia objects, using the human figure and personal interaction as my medium. I explore public and personal issues of agency and identity through the creation of conceptually based net art and interactive installations. In these works I implement a combination of elements, such as conceptual exploration, cultural implications, personal narrative and humor."

In addition to her videos, we will look at Monico's interactive web art called "Time and Place."

- Time and Place (Flash webart)
- Battlestar 1:32, 2008
- The Quiet Man Once 1:32, 2008
- Hitchcock Heroine 2:02, 2009


Andrew Edwards (Santa Fe, New Mexico)

A recent graduate of College of Santa Fe.