Manipulated Image #12
"memory" and "identity"

Manipulated Image/Santa Fe & VideoChannel Cologne
proudly present an intercontinental collaboration
*Pics from the event*

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Left to right: Guest artists Chris Coleman and Laleh Mehran (Colorado); Alysse Stepanian; guest artist Brooks Williams (New York City); Philip Mantione

Guest artist, Laleh Mehran (Colorado) discusses her work

Video by Laleh Mehran: "The Xerces Society, Installment VII: From London to Marrakech"; 2007;  4:57

Video by Laleh Mehran

Guest artist Chris Coleman (Colorado) discusses his work

Chris Coleman's "The Magnitude of the Continental Divides" (2009; 5:32)

"MEMORY FACE 1" by Brooks Williams (New York City)

Music performance by guest artist, Brooks Williams (New York City)

"In Dreams" by Michael Greathouse (Brooklyn, New York)

“the Eater” by Soyeon Jung (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

@ Downtown Subscription, the day after the event: Chris Coleman, Christine Sullivan, Brooks Williams, Philip Mantione, Laleh Mehran, Alysse Stepanian

Laleh Mehran, Chris Coleman, Alysse Stepanian, Christine Sullivan, Brooks Williams, Philip Mantione, Woody Vasulka, and Steina