Manipulated Image #11
First Year Anniversary Celebration

"For Action's Sake"
Pics from the event

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Anthony Buchanan's performance (Santa Fe artist)

John Criscitello's "Damocles" 3:57

John Criscitello discussing his work (visiting from Ithaca, New York)

Alaina R. Alexander's performance (Santa Fe artist)

Philip Mantione (of Santa Fe) discusses one year of Manipualted Image

Martin Back and April Mae Bassett (Santa Fe artists)

The Autotelics' premiere performance: Philip Mantione, Al Faaet

Mantione performing (Anthony Buchanan in the b.g.)

Julia Zastava's Son of king (4:33, Moscow, Russia)

Ian Anderson's performance (Santa Fe artist)

Philip Mantione and David Enoch waiting for Niclas Hallbeg and Stina Pehrsdotter to begin their performance, on USTREAM Chat

Niclas Hallbeg and Stina Pehrsdotter live from Sweden (around 5:20AM their time)

Stills from Infectious manipulation, a virtual performance created for this event by Niclas Hallberg & Stina Pehrsdotter that was performed live from Sweden (a recording of this performance is now available on vimeo)

In an email to Alysse, on March 13, after the performance, Niclas wrote: "For us it was very empty after the performance, strange feeling, but we are very satisfied."

Philip Mantione (registered as sfcomplex) in communication with Igor Stromajer, Slovenian artist, who currently lives in Hamburg

Igor's live performance began around 5:30AM Hamburg time.
Redordings of this performance are now available on vimeo
and on Youtube

Igor Stromajer's performance, live from Hamburg

Igor's comments in an email on March 13 to Alysse, regarding his live performance:

" Well, as you know, SF.HH.SF (the title) means Santa Fe - Hamburg - Santa Fe, because I was showing you a mirror ("manipulated image"?), taking live webcam videos from Santa Fe..., so they went via Hamburg back to Santa Fe Complex. I was literary filming my computer screen with a Mini DV cam and broadcasting the video(s) back, in real time, nothing else. It was witty, indeed, but at the same time boring. Don't get me wrong: I strongly believe that boredom (and even dullness) is essential for live broadcast (and perhaps for art in general), so it's a positive thing. We can go deeper into that debate, if you want.

Concerning audio: I've used a Text To Speech software, automatically reading the awesome self-promotional text by a certain [attorney], advertising his criminal lawyer services in Santa Fe, NM...

I find this text really amazing, perverse, and so 21st century. The guy is actually saying: hey, c'mon, beat your wives, drive drunk, kill people with guns -- no problem, I'll love you in the court room, I'll personalize your defense and I'll fight for you with passion. isn't that crazy? Totally legal, sure, but perverse..."

Picking Cherries (2009, 14:59 min) by Ioannis Roumeliotis (Greece)
“Let’s Make a Deal” (2008, 2:50) by Rafael (Belgium)

“Corporate Warfare” (2005, 3:13) by Casey McKee (USA)