Manipulated Image #1

Fri, Feb 27, 2009

@ the Santa Fe Complex
Admission is free, and it is an opportunity to socialize at the complex.

Alysse Stepanian launches a monthly series at the Santa Fe Complex. This first of the series will present non-curated screenings of videos by Verena Grimm (Berlin, Germany and Mexico), Merrill Kazanjian (New York), Leslie Raymond & Jason Jay Stevens: Potter-Belmar Labs (San Antonio, Texas, USA), including informal presentations and discussions with local artists: Ethan Bach, Anne Farrel, Flame Schon.

Verena Grimm (Berlin, Germany and Mexico)

Verena's work involves observing reality in its most elemental parts, and then reconstructing it to reveal new meanings, to obliterate original ones, to change or destroy its function and to prompt the viewer to consider the familiar from an entirely new perspective.



Flame Schon (Santa Fe)

North American Premiere...META-TEXT-ASY (or MET-AT-EXTASY?) by Flame Schon
Previous screenings have been in Gaza, Ramallah, and Munich.
3 related videos with emphasis on text:
Public Service Announcements
Daughter of Dada Returns
Storyboard (for Daughter of Dada 2)

Potter-Belmar Labs: Leslie Raymond & Jason Jay Stevens (San Antonio, Texas, USA)

Potter-Belmar Labs is Leslie Raymond and Jason Jay Stevens, collaborating artists since 1999, with internationally exhibited work including live cinema performance, single-channel video, and installation art.

Merrill Kazanjian (New York)

Kazanjian sees himself as a traditional artist, and yet he enjoys combining traditional mediums with digital technology. A self-taught, low tech, quirky, and resourceful animator, he states, "Compared to Pixar, I am a cave animator."

Anne Farrel (Santa Fe)

Using ordinary desktop tools yet working in a deep cyborgian relationship to the machine, Anne Farrell, creates transformation stories that are innocent, mysterious, and mindfully crude, while being technically sophisticated. These little movies formulate their own logic and draw us into a world of deep magic and shared mystery.

Ethan Bach (Santa Fe)

Ethan uses the moving image to evoke emotions and challenge the viewer's perception of reality. When viewing his video shorts, Evolution 4.2 and Untitled (2006), expect the unexpected.